February 19, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order – Mellie Price @ 7:00pm 

  • Introductions – Omitted 

  • Approval of Minutes – Motion: Philomena McGowan, Second: Tina Caskey 

  • Principal’s Report – Mike Danford 

  • Conferences 

  • PTO Supported Staff Dinner during Conferences on Valentine’s Day 

  • Structured Recess – 59% of referrals compared to this time last year 

  • 5/6 Grade Concert – February 27th 

  • New K-5 Model  

  • Parent Connect Team – Surplus Follow-up: Teachers are working on their Wish Lists 

  • SBA Snack Budget Approval: Up to $500 to purchase snacks for upcoming testing.  

Motion: Mike Danford, Second: Becky Tucker, All in favor, none opposed. 

  • Old Business 

  • Zip’s Dine Out: We raised about $200 

  • Box Tops: Second half of the year: Brought in about $450 

  • Book Drive: We collected 1000+ books for the Book-n-Basket Bonanza 

  • ValenDine Out: Cancelled due to lack of interest 

  • Board Nominations: Nominations for 2019-2020 school year are due March 16th and will be voted upon 4/16/19. 

  • New Fundraisers: 

  • Textile Drive 

  • Step It Up! (Assembly: March 20th, Celebration Field Day: May 10th 

  • Mike Danford: STEM Nights – Coming up March 18th, 6-8pm 

  • March Events: 

  • Book-n-Basket Bonanza: March 1st, 6-8pm 

  • PTO Meeting: March 19th, 7-8:30pm 

  • MOD Pizza Dine Out: March 21st 

  • Treasurer Report: Kimarie Whittle 

  • Parent Forum: Social Emotional Support – Mike Danford & Tina Caskey 

  • Handout: “The 5 SEL Competency Clusters” 

  • How are we taking care of our kids? 

  • PBIS 

  • Second Step: Kindergarten – 3rd Grade 

  • Tina’s resource library 

  • Proposal: Use of the Living Classroom to teach kids how to be a friend as opposed to anti-bullying 

  • Use of the 3-Tier System and what that looks like at our school 

  • Meeting Adjourned @ 8:32pm 


January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Mellie Price – PTO Board President.  


Introductions: Omitted  

Secretary – Approval of Minutes 

Motioned: Jennifer Wheeler 

Second: Jane Beeson 

Principal’s Report: Josh VanCleaf 

  • Mike Danford is absent this evening due to the meeting regarding the plans for 6th grade next year.  

  • 6th Grade will be moving into the old Northwood building as Shiloh Hills students will be moving into their new building which will be completed for the new school year. The old Northwood building has been utilized well as a transition building.  

  • Teacher placements and information regarding classes for each grade will be decided at a later date.  

  • Testing is coming up as well as Parent-Teacher conferences. 

  • Organized recess – making adjustments for the winter months.  

  • After school basketball is now in session with Mr. Elmore.  

  • ASB News: 

  • Focusing on Leadership – students taking more ownership 

  • Team meets weekly 

  • 2 representatives from each class (5th & 6th) 

  • Participate in Daily Announcements 

  • Monthly Service Learning Project 

  • Just sent 45lbs of markers to Crayola 

  • MLKJ Day – No School 


Parent Connect Team 

  • Nothing to Report 


Old Business 

  • Gaga Ball – Carrie Watson: Absent for this meeting. This discussion will be tabled for our meeting in February 

  • January Events: January 17th – Zip’s Dine Out 4-9pm 

  • Surplus Decision: See Below 

New Business 

  • February Events: 

  • February 4th-8th: Box Top Collection 

  • February 4th-13th: Book Drive 

  • February 7th: Valen-dine Out 6-8:30pm 

  • February 19th: PTO Meeting 7:00-8:30pm 


  • Book Exchange: 

  • Replacing Books and Bingo with an interactive & live entertainment event. 

  • Raffle Baskets, book exchange, live stories, County Library, crafts, STEAM display. 

  • Raffle Baskets info to teachers – 1/17/19 and due for display 2/15/19 

  • Volunteers will be needed for this event 

Treasurer Report: Kimarie Whittle 


  • Fundraising: $4900 

  • Carnival: $5700 

  • INT/DIV: $46.98 

  • Amazon Smile: $38.95 

  • Escrip: $30.94 

  • Dine Out: $1152.78 

  • Froyo: $86.75 

  • McTeacher: $717.15 

  • DeLeon’s: $148.88 

  • Merry Night Out: $250.00 

  • Spirit Gear Apparel: $3003.00 



  • Carnival: $3500.00 

  • Box Tops: $21.28 

  • Recess with Dads: $415.56 

  • Annual Renewals/INS: $672.00 

  • Structured Recess: $1205.80 

  • PTO Meetings: $132 

  • Box Top Supplies: $11.83 

  • Newspaper: $29.38 

  • Grandparent’s Day: $497.84 

  • Staff Appreciation: $37.98 


Surplus Decision: 

PTO Board narrowed down our options for the spending of our Surplus. Here is how the vote ended up: 


Big Screen TV for Gym: 0 Votes 

Traverse Wall: 8 Votes 

Wiggle Chairs & Sensory Paths: 10 Votes 

Parent Forum: Jennifer Wheeler 

Social Media and Our Students – See Mrs. Wheeler’s excellent presentation on this subject on our website! 

December 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 12/18/2018 

  • Call to Order – Mellie Price @ 7:02pm 

  • Introductions (Omitted) 

  • Approval of Minutes – Motion: Philomena McGowan, Second: Kimarie Whittle 

  • Principal’s Report – Mike Danford 

  • Parent Connect Team – Thank you for your involvement: Joan, Laurie, Amber, Becky, and Drew! 

  • Surplus Money – What should we spend it on? Out Parent Connect team created a survey asking for ideas. We were given a copy and will discuss realistic possibilities which we will then vote on at our next meeting. Options included, but were not limited to: Gaga ball pit, Large TV screen in gymnasium, climbing wall, new reader board, 10 iPads for DLC, various new seating options (wiggle chairs, cushions, etc.), Kindergarten playground concrete pattern, marimbas set, visually attractive reading space in the library, enrichment supplies for Title Math, signs for the outdoor classroom, sound system for the gymnasium, bathroom inspiration painting.   

  • Old Business 

  • Apparel orders are complete 

  • Grandparent’s Day 

  • Merry Night Out 

  • New Business 

  • Gaga Ball – Carrie Watson 

  • 4th Grade Orchestra Field Trip – Karen Llyr 

  • Free event, buses only. Cost = $220 for 2 buses 

  • Event Date: 2/28/19 @ 11:55am 

  • Motion: Kimarie Whittle, Second: Carrie Watson 

  • January Events: 

  • PTO Meeting – 1/15/19 from 7-8:30pm 

  • Zip’s Dine Out – 1/17/19 from 4-9pm 

  • Treasurer Report: 

  • Still sitting at $9000 of our $20,000 goal. We took a loss on Merry Night Out, though we stayed within the budget expense anticipated.  

  • Parent Forum: Screen Time in the Classroom 

  • 4 different forms of “Screen Time” 

  • Usage depending on grade level 

  • Is there a way we could start quantifying screen time at school? 

  • Are kids missing out on socializing if screen time is an option during lunch? 

  • Links to handouts can be found on the unabridged copy of this month’s minutes. 

  • Meeting adjourned – 8:44pm 


Next Meeting: January 15th, 2019 – Parent Forum Topic: Social Media & School-aged Children 


November 20, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 11/20/2018 

  • Call to Order – Mellie Price @ 7:02pm 

  • Introductions – 7:03pm- 7:08pm 

  • Approval of Minutes – Motion: Philomena McGowan, Second: Jane Beeson 

  • Jung Kim – 8-Session Course Proposal 

  • His daughter’s went to school here and Evergreen was his first school program 

  •  He would like to hold an 8-session course either at our school or at his studio for Evergreen students 

  • Proceeds would go directly to PTO and PTO would choose what to charge 

  •  He focuses on honor and respect, both at home, school, and during his teaching 

  •  We would be limited to 40 spots, requiring students to be 1st-6th grade 

  • PTO agreed this is something we want to participate in, we will schedule sometime in 2019 

  • Principal’s Report – Mike Danford 

  • Halloween Assemblies 

  • Veteran’s Day Assemblies 

  • Structured Recess – Going Well, 27% Reduction in referrals compared to this time last year 

  • Second Step with Mrs. Tina 

  • Thanksgiving Baskets were sent out – 37 families were served.  

  • Garland of Sharing is now up for our Christmas effort.  

  • Parent Connect Team – Thank you for your involvement! 

  • Surplus Money – What should we spend it on? 

  • Old Business 

  • Carnival 

  • De Leon’s Dine Out 

  • Apparel Orders 

  • December Events 

  • Book Fair 12.3-12.7 

  • Grandparent’s Day 12.7 

  • Merry Night Out – 12.13 

  • PTO Meeting – 12.18 

  • Treasurer Report: 

  • Mostly Covered, with old Business – We have reached $9000 of our $20,000 goal 

  • Parent Forum: Food and Nutrition with Kim Elkins 

  • Time to Eat – We time line throughout the district, averaging 10-11 students served per minute 

  • 6700 – School Board approved in 2016 – this was worked on for about 3 years  

  • Best practices were looked at throughout the nation as well as across Washington State 

  • Washington has always been a leader for nutrition trends 

  • Working to eliminate the use of food for celebrations – we want kids to be thinking of food as fuel 

  • Kids want to be celebrated on their birthday – but we can acknowledge them without the use of food 

  • Nutrition services has items that can be ordered for events. See website for details. 

  • Nutrition is included yearly for each grade level in PE and it builds upon itself 

  • We source locally whenever possible. Our milk and bread are sourced here in Spokane.  

  • Food services of America is our main distributer.  

  • Store bought items must have a label – numerous allergies throughout the school 

  • Meeting adjourned – 8:32pm 

October 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Mellie Price – PTO Board President.



Later Meeting - Better Timing?

Many agreed that the later time for the meetings is more beneficial for families.

Secretary – Approval of Minutes

Motion: Philomena McGowan

Second: Jill

Principal Report: Mike Danford

Busy time of year. Conferences coming up this week and goal setting. An opportunity to connect with parents as we work to support your kiddos. Skill Group model has begun – math and ELA

Organized Recess – discussed last month – activities and opportunities are FUN! I’ve seen all age group kids having a blast.

5th and 6th – choosing to organize their own activities.

5 different title teams. Working hard to set goals for our building.

The living classroom – cleanup: by the numbers

Old Business

September Events – Froyo: raised about $100

Recess with Dads – Huge success! Men welcomed, great for our community.

Box Tops = About $600

McTeacher Night = $700

Living Classroom = How to get more people involved. Fall and Spring Cleanup

Carnival - Jill

Creative about how we divide up the stalls.

Building Community

Lots of Fun New Activities

New Forms


Orders Due November 16th


Initial handout sent home. If we don’t have an increase in funding soon, we will be forced to look to local businesses and other options for funding.

November Events

Picture Day Retakes

Change in November Dine-Out: Not Pattison’s, De Leon’s instead. 5-8pm

PTO Meeting – 11-20-18

Teacher Requests -

2nd Grade Field Trip – Hidden Acre Farms(Approx.$800.00)

Jill motioned to approve funding for this field trip.

Neary Everyone Seconded

1 Opposed

Speaker Opportunity -

Digital Citizenship - $280 to speak to parents

Would we be interested in having a specialist come speak to parents about social media and our kiddos.

Treasurers report -

Income – Initial handouts, Box Tops, Apparel Orders, Dine Outs. Overall, we are getting close to reaching $6000. We are hoping for a good turnout at Carnival.

Parent Forum – Safety and Security in Our Schools – Mr. Danford

Thinking of Fire drills, lock downs, active shooter.

Social/Emotional Safety, Physical Safety

These are intense, they get everyone’s attention.

Safe and secure space for the colleagues and students to go to school.

Social – Emotional Safety: Every adult building relationships with every kid. Deliberate activities to identify kids that needs good relationships with students and teachers.

Every classroom teacher is responsible for a classroom management plan. Proactive circles: Group of kids with a teacher leading while sharing a little bit about who they are, what they like, what they want to work on.

Very deliberate curriculum – K-2. Inviting 3rdgrade to be involved. Challenges, anger, frustration, how to communicate with your peers(Second Step Curriculum) Mandated to teach anti-bullying lessons(individualized)Difference between bullying and teasing. Instead of a single lesson, we will be teaching a series of lessons how to navigate bullying, how to respond, how to solve problems.

PBIS – 5 positive interactions with everyone. Redirect. Positive Behavior Intervention Support. Level 0 voice in the hallway. Making good choices at recess, at an assembly, giving kids feedback via white tickets.

(Tier 1 Intervention) – 80% of our students are behaving as we need them to promote the safety and security of these kids.

(Tier 2 Intervention) – 15% of kids need a few nudges and reminders. We have a Tier 2 team for teachers that have students who need some reminders and or have some behavioral challenges – sometimes creative thinking to support these kids. This team of educators have mechanisms to support these kids.

(Tier 3 Intervention) – 1% of kids that exhibit some challenging behaviors that are out of the norm. Social worker support, threat assessments, support from outside of the school setting(parents,behavior plans). We are proud that we are a public education setting and we work to support all kids and families, even those with atypical behaviors.

Progressive discipline plan – Connect with the kids, instead of punishment, we talked, shared, and came to a resolution – we came to a community service agreement. They took away from the community by taking the attention of the bus driver, principal, peers… so in order to give back, they had the option to clean windows, pick up trash, or work in the garden.

Restorative Justice

Physical Safety

Safety Maintenance

Single Point Entry

Drills & Practice – 10 drills per year, Fire Drill, AED, Earthquake, Lock-down, modified Lock-Down, Outside to Inside.

Lock Downs – Lock doors, away from windows, active shooter training, practice at least 1 per year. Our staff is amazing in their response. No heads up.

All phones have the capability to call a lock down

September 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 09/18/2018 

  • Call to Order – Mellie Price @ 7:02pm 

  • Introductions – 7:03pm-7:07pm 

  • Mellie: Board Retreat and Our Vision for the Year 

  • Kimarie: Proposed Budget (Approved) 

  • Adjustments to Events and Line Items 

  • Books Closing according to By-Laws 

  • Checking Account 

  • 4-Year CDs for Bond & Levy & Olympics (Approved) 

  • Principal’s Report – Mike Danford 

  • Ice Cream Social 

  • First Day of School 

  • Open House 

  • ASB 

  • Kindergarten Began 

  • Students Eating Lunch in their Classrooms 

  • Hiring in Progress 

  • Student Assessments in Progress 

  • The Living Classroom getting usage 

  • Whitworth Student presence 

  • September Events 

  • October Events 

  • Apparel Orders & Fundraising 

  • Teacher Requests: 

  • Kindergarten – Christmas Plate Tradition (Approved) 

  • Parent Forum: Structured Recess w/ Mike Danford and Crystal Franks 

  • Do we have any data on efficacy comparing issuance of discipline slips?  

  • How are bracelets distributed? 

  • How many Para-Educators are present at each recess? 

  • For the especially energetic kids, are these narrowed activities enough for them to get enough energy out? 

  • What will structured recess look like in the snow? 

  • How do kids coordinate with friends that are in other classes? 

  • Meeting Adjourned @ 8:35pm 

May 16, 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

3:35 p.m. – Call to order

  • Introductions
  • Motion to suspend agenda and move Cathy DelPizzo to front of line by Tina Valdez
    • Seconded by Mellie Price
    • Approved by all
  • Cathy DelPizzo – Bite to Go
    • At least 2,000 kids in Spokane go to bed hungry every night
    • Started by second harvest 4 or 5 years ago
    • Tina identifies families that are food insecure (kids that rely on school for food), and they are provided 4 meals each weekend that they can make themselves. 
    • $12 per month during the school year
    • Provide boxes of meals for the whole week during the summer.
    • Kids who are hungry do not learn well.
    • Evergreen currently provides 70 meals per week, could use 100, but don’t have the money. $144 per child for 12 months, $40 for a summer.
  • Reports of officers
    • Secretary – Reading of April’s minutes
      • Approved as read
    • Treasurer Report
  • Staff Reports
    • Principal’s Report- Mr. Danford
      • SBA Testing Almost done!
      • First grade playwright festival was great!
      • Reading Stampede Friday at 2:10!
      • Owls coming to 3rd grade may 26th
      • Drone Flyover at each recess on the 30th
      • Class placements soon
      • Seattle June 1st and 2nd
      • All school talent show June 6th
      • Camp June 8th and 9th
      • Field day June 9th
      • Sixth grade graduation June 10th 
    • Parent Involvement Committee
      • Working on Parent Survey focusing of home/school communication connection and safety
      • Volunteer breakfast on June 6th from 9-10 am  
    • Becky Tucker – 1st Grade
      • Reading Stampede read 6,628 books!
      • Would we be able to help with snacks for classrooms?
        • Tina Valdez motions for $60 to be used for snacks for Reading Stampede celebration
        • Seconded by Ely Baertlein 
        • Approved by all
    • Mrs. Williams – 6th Grade
      • Riverview Bible Camp is charging more money to use extra facilities


  •     ▪    Was short by $1,800, now short by $325
    • Ely Baertlein Motions to approve the $325 to cover the cost
    • Emmy Wise Seconded
    • Approved by all
    • Mrs. Kelley – Yearbook
      • Katie Pouk motions to move the $1000 tech grant from Dorian to Evergreen Elementary, as well as to move profits from yearbook to ASB account
      • Seconded by Tina Valdez
      • Approved by all
  • Old business
    • Skyhawks sports – 5/4-6/1 Thurs. Dodgeball, kickball, and fun with fitness.
      • Nobody signed up. 
    • Online fundraising – amazon smile (smile.amazon.org)
    • SBA Testing – Sent snacks to testing classrooms through Food Services
    • Teacher Appreciation Week – 5/1-5/5
      • Shameless Sausage
    • Retirements (Mrs. Meredith and Ms. Joy and Mr. Bob)
      • Katie Pouk compile recipes for baking book for Miss Joy. 
      • Mellie Price Motions $300 for gift cards for retirements
      • Ely Baertlein Seconded
      • Approved by all
    • Miss Ressa’s Bench
      • School District and Teacher’s Union will split cost if we get it set up
  • New Business
    • Outdoor Classroom
      • Supposed to be complete by fall  
    • Jennifer Wheeler asking for ~$2,800 for 7 iPads to help with video editing
    • Tina Valdez Motions to approve $2,500 
    • Seconded Mellie Price
    • Approved by all
  • Prize drawing
    • Andrea Williams – Dutch brother’s coffee
    • Ely Baertlein – Domino’s gift card
  • 5:15 pm Meeting adjourned


In Attendance:

Dawn Baertlein    Tina Valdez        Mellie Price        Katie Pouk    

Cathy DelPizzo    Lori Swan        Emmy Wise        Rebecca Tucker

Ely Baertlein        Courtney Kelley    Mike Danford    Andrea Williams