October 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Mellie Price – PTO Board President.



Later Meeting - Better Timing?

Many agreed that the later time for the meetings is more beneficial for families.

Secretary – Approval of Minutes

Motion: Philomena McGowan

Second: Jill

Principal Report: Mike Danford

Busy time of year. Conferences coming up this week and goal setting. An opportunity to connect with parents as we work to support your kiddos. Skill Group model has begun – math and ELA

Organized Recess – discussed last month – activities and opportunities are FUN! I’ve seen all age group kids having a blast.

5th and 6th – choosing to organize their own activities.

5 different title teams. Working hard to set goals for our building.

The living classroom – cleanup: by the numbers

Old Business

September Events – Froyo: raised about $100

Recess with Dads – Huge success! Men welcomed, great for our community.

Box Tops = About $600

McTeacher Night = $700

Living Classroom = How to get more people involved. Fall and Spring Cleanup

Carnival - Jill

Creative about how we divide up the stalls.

Building Community

Lots of Fun New Activities

New Forms


Orders Due November 16th


Initial handout sent home. If we don’t have an increase in funding soon, we will be forced to look to local businesses and other options for funding.

November Events

Picture Day Retakes

Change in November Dine-Out: Not Pattison’s, De Leon’s instead. 5-8pm

PTO Meeting – 11-20-18

Teacher Requests -

2nd Grade Field Trip – Hidden Acre Farms(Approx.$800.00)

Jill motioned to approve funding for this field trip.

Neary Everyone Seconded

1 Opposed

Speaker Opportunity -

Digital Citizenship - $280 to speak to parents

Would we be interested in having a specialist come speak to parents about social media and our kiddos.

Treasurers report -

Income – Initial handouts, Box Tops, Apparel Orders, Dine Outs. Overall, we are getting close to reaching $6000. We are hoping for a good turnout at Carnival.

Parent Forum – Safety and Security in Our Schools – Mr. Danford

Thinking of Fire drills, lock downs, active shooter.

Social/Emotional Safety, Physical Safety

These are intense, they get everyone’s attention.

Safe and secure space for the colleagues and students to go to school.

Social – Emotional Safety: Every adult building relationships with every kid. Deliberate activities to identify kids that needs good relationships with students and teachers.

Every classroom teacher is responsible for a classroom management plan. Proactive circles: Group of kids with a teacher leading while sharing a little bit about who they are, what they like, what they want to work on.

Very deliberate curriculum – K-2. Inviting 3rdgrade to be involved. Challenges, anger, frustration, how to communicate with your peers(Second Step Curriculum) Mandated to teach anti-bullying lessons(individualized)Difference between bullying and teasing. Instead of a single lesson, we will be teaching a series of lessons how to navigate bullying, how to respond, how to solve problems.

PBIS – 5 positive interactions with everyone. Redirect. Positive Behavior Intervention Support. Level 0 voice in the hallway. Making good choices at recess, at an assembly, giving kids feedback via white tickets.

(Tier 1 Intervention) – 80% of our students are behaving as we need them to promote the safety and security of these kids.

(Tier 2 Intervention) – 15% of kids need a few nudges and reminders. We have a Tier 2 team for teachers that have students who need some reminders and or have some behavioral challenges – sometimes creative thinking to support these kids. This team of educators have mechanisms to support these kids.

(Tier 3 Intervention) – 1% of kids that exhibit some challenging behaviors that are out of the norm. Social worker support, threat assessments, support from outside of the school setting(parents,behavior plans). We are proud that we are a public education setting and we work to support all kids and families, even those with atypical behaviors.

Progressive discipline plan – Connect with the kids, instead of punishment, we talked, shared, and came to a resolution – we came to a community service agreement. They took away from the community by taking the attention of the bus driver, principal, peers… so in order to give back, they had the option to clean windows, pick up trash, or work in the garden.

Restorative Justice

Physical Safety

Safety Maintenance

Single Point Entry

Drills & Practice – 10 drills per year, Fire Drill, AED, Earthquake, Lock-down, modified Lock-Down, Outside to Inside.

Lock Downs – Lock doors, away from windows, active shooter training, practice at least 1 per year. Our staff is amazing in their response. No heads up.

All phones have the capability to call a lock down