January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Mellie Price – PTO Board President.  


Introductions: Omitted  

Secretary – Approval of Minutes 

Motioned: Jennifer Wheeler 

Second: Jane Beeson 

Principal’s Report: Josh VanCleaf 

  • Mike Danford is absent this evening due to the meeting regarding the plans for 6th grade next year.  

  • 6th Grade will be moving into the old Northwood building as Shiloh Hills students will be moving into their new building which will be completed for the new school year. The old Northwood building has been utilized well as a transition building.  

  • Teacher placements and information regarding classes for each grade will be decided at a later date.  

  • Testing is coming up as well as Parent-Teacher conferences. 

  • Organized recess – making adjustments for the winter months.  

  • After school basketball is now in session with Mr. Elmore.  

  • ASB News: 

  • Focusing on Leadership – students taking more ownership 

  • Team meets weekly 

  • 2 representatives from each class (5th & 6th) 

  • Participate in Daily Announcements 

  • Monthly Service Learning Project 

  • Just sent 45lbs of markers to Crayola 

  • MLKJ Day – No School 


Parent Connect Team 

  • Nothing to Report 


Old Business 

  • Gaga Ball – Carrie Watson: Absent for this meeting. This discussion will be tabled for our meeting in February 

  • January Events: January 17th – Zip’s Dine Out 4-9pm 

  • Surplus Decision: See Below 

New Business 

  • February Events: 

  • February 4th-8th: Box Top Collection 

  • February 4th-13th: Book Drive 

  • February 7th: Valen-dine Out 6-8:30pm 

  • February 19th: PTO Meeting 7:00-8:30pm 


  • Book Exchange: 

  • Replacing Books and Bingo with an interactive & live entertainment event. 

  • Raffle Baskets, book exchange, live stories, County Library, crafts, STEAM display. 

  • Raffle Baskets info to teachers – 1/17/19 and due for display 2/15/19 

  • Volunteers will be needed for this event 

Treasurer Report: Kimarie Whittle 


  • Fundraising: $4900 

  • Carnival: $5700 

  • INT/DIV: $46.98 

  • Amazon Smile: $38.95 

  • Escrip: $30.94 

  • Dine Out: $1152.78 

  • Froyo: $86.75 

  • McTeacher: $717.15 

  • DeLeon’s: $148.88 

  • Merry Night Out: $250.00 

  • Spirit Gear Apparel: $3003.00 



  • Carnival: $3500.00 

  • Box Tops: $21.28 

  • Recess with Dads: $415.56 

  • Annual Renewals/INS: $672.00 

  • Structured Recess: $1205.80 

  • PTO Meetings: $132 

  • Box Top Supplies: $11.83 

  • Newspaper: $29.38 

  • Grandparent’s Day: $497.84 

  • Staff Appreciation: $37.98 


Surplus Decision: 

PTO Board narrowed down our options for the spending of our Surplus. Here is how the vote ended up: 


Big Screen TV for Gym: 0 Votes 

Traverse Wall: 8 Votes 

Wiggle Chairs & Sensory Paths: 10 Votes 

Parent Forum: Jennifer Wheeler 

Social Media and Our Students – See Mrs. Wheeler’s excellent presentation on this subject on our website!